D+J Cake

This past weekend, I went to Seattle for a friend's wedding.  The city was so quaint, and I especially loved the Queen Anne area. The views were great, market was fun, seafood was tasty, air was clean, but yes there was a lot of rain.  The wedding itself was fun and it was really good to see another one of our friends tie the knot!  This is the cake I made for them to match their green/brown color palette.  The wedding had a very eco-friendly vibe and so did the new Hyatt Olive8.

For the character toppers, I started with basic shapes to make bodies and heads.

I dressed up the bodies first with a halter gown to match the bride's actual dress shape and a snazzy tux for the groom. I then decorated the heads, added hands, and a bouquet of flowers.

I just had to switch up the heads to have a laugh :)

Exchanging vows and saying I do's

Once I got there, I painted her dress shimmery white and added a veil to her head.  Topped them on the cake and voila!

Congrats David and JiHye!