Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

Here is my swiss meringue buttercream recipe that is perfect for filling and coating cakes as well as piping flowers.  It's rich, smooth, velvety and delicious.  It's very easy to make and keeps for a long time, up to a couple months in the freezer.  It's only 4 ingredients and easy to remember as it is a 1:2:2 ratio so give it a try!

Eat Cake Be Merry Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe:

8oz (236.6ml) Egg whites (You can use liquid carton egg whites as long as the only ingredient is 100% egg whites)

16oz (453.6g) Sugar (white granulated)

16oz (453.6g) Butter (room temperature)

1t Vanilla extract (or any other flavoring)


1.  Combine egg whites and sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer.

2.  Heat egg whites and sugar mixture slowly over double boiler on medium heat, whisking constantly until all the sugar is melted. ~5 minutes.  Brush down the sides of the bowl with water and a pastry brush as you go to make sure all the sugar is melted and doesn't recrystallize.  To test for doneness, rub a little bit of the mixture between your fingers to make sure you cannot feel anymore sugar grains or use a candy thermometer 160^F (71.1^C). 

3.  Move bowl to mixer with whip attachment and whip on high until cool to the touch and voluminous.

4.  Switch to paddle attachment on medium speed and slowly add in room temp butter.  Mix for ~5 minutes.  If it separates or looks curdled after adding the butter in, keep mixing it for a few more minutes and it will come together. 

5.  Once incorporated, add in vanilla extract for flavoring.