Wine Label and Grapes

A friend of my in-law's just turned 60 and I had the opportunity to make a cake for his celebration. In collaboration with his daughter, we found it fitting to make a cake in the shape of a wine label because he manages a wine market in NJ. She actually drew up the label and I turned it into a cake. In the end, I realized if I didnt mention it was a wine label, it could be mistaken as a door mat. Hahha Here was some of the process...

It was a choclate cake with chocolate ganache and raspberry filling

Here is the cake covered in fondant, but yet to be dressed.

Here's me painting on the script and cutting something out. Notice I'm in a sweatshirt in the middle of summer because I had to turn on the air to 60-some degrees so the cake wouldn't melt. It was so cold!

Done! Looks like a doormat huh? hahah I guess the grapes help

Making grapes:

Roll little balls of purple gumpaste

Hook onto to floral wires

Mix together purple, blue, and red powders till you find a good color to dust on.

After dusted and dried, start building the shape by attaching the individual grapes to the stem.

Cut out leaves, press into a veining mold and let dry on mounds of plastic wrap to get natural waves.