Sport Cakes Part2:Basketball

On Sunday I watched the Yankees win their 40th ALCS and later this week they will play in the World Series! Tomorrow is also the start of the NBA basketball season.  To celebrate these two things, I have put together a "sports cakes" feature. (see part 1 entry below for the baseball cake)

This life size basketball cake was made for my husband's 28th birthday!  He loves anything basketball and was even a manager for the University of Michigan basketball team for 4 years.  Go blue!

I started off by making a wood grain base to replicate the hardwood floors of a basketball court.  Then I carved the cake to make a sphere.  Half the cake was styrofoam simply because I only needed the cake to feed ~8-10 people.

I think it took roughly two hours to poke all these little holes.  It's the details that matter!

This is a comparison of the real ball on the left and the cake on the right.  I boosted the orange color for the fondat because I thought the real ball was too dark for a celebration cake.