The Knot: Summer 2011 Cake Feature

When I was asked to create a fun cake for the Summer 2011 issue of The Knot, I jumped at the chance to use a pattern that I've been eyeing.  I was browsing online for clutches one day and I came across this yellow pattern that I loved and knew had to be on a cake.  For this seemingly simple pattern I ended up spending a lot of time trying to figure out the best way to go about getting a sharp look.   Stenciling, hand painting, using cutters, making a stamp, etc.... In the end I was reminded of the morsel of truth I was taught while working at Confetti Cakes.  Elisa would always say, "the more difficult and time consuming way was usually the right way"...which in this case meant I had to free-hand cut all the light and dark pink pieces with my x-acto.  This is how it came out: