Edible Moss Tutorial

Tutorial time:  In this tutorial, I demonstrate how to make edible moss.  It's quick, easy and only requires a few things!  It's so colorful and creates great visual impact when adding to your desserts.  


Tools and ingredients:  Graham crackers, ziploc bag, rolling pin, green and yellow petal dusts and a small container.

Step 1: Place the graham crackers in the ziploc bag, seal and crush the crackers by firmly rolling the pin over the bag.  You can crush it as finely as you want, but I like to keep some larger pieces in my moss to give it some texture. 


Step 2: Place crumbs in a small container and add in some green and yellow petal dust.  (You can also do this in the ziploc bag if you want.)  I like mixing in more than one color so there is variety in the crumbs.  

Step 3: Thoroughly combine the crumbs and dusts together until everything is coated and colored.  

Voila!  There you have edible moss in just three easy steps!  Try mixing this with crushed chocolate cake crumbs to give it the effect of edible dirt or roll a ball of cake in the moss to make it look like a moss covered rock.  There are many uses for this.  I'd love to see your projects so post pictures on your Twitter, FB or Instagram using #ediblemoss or tag @eatcakebemerry.