Buttercream Flower Piping Tips: Flower Symmetry

Most flowers are naturally symmetrical so when I pipe buttercream flowers I try to keep symmetry in mind as well. When I start, I mentally break down the round flower nail into quadrants (or depending on the flower it may be thirds or fifths) and focus on piping within those parameters rather than thinking about the whole flower first. Otherwise it can actually be overwhelming. This helps me pipe in digestible amounts and easily maintains symmetry.

So for this Zinnia I know that I want 12 petals. I map out that four petals will sit on the axis lines and two petals will be placed between each of them. This forces me to know my boundaries and limitations when piping so I can be as consistent as possible when it comes to the size and distance of petals. Once I evenly pipe my petals in one quadrant, I move onto the next and replicate it. The end result will be a round and symmetrical flower.

During my private workshops, I physically draw these lines with a pencil on the back of a parchment square for students to practice and get comfortable with. So if you’re a beginner at home trying buttercream flowers out for your first time or if you are someone who struggles with piping even looking flowers, give this technique a try!