Video: How to Make a Gumpaste Ranunculus - Sugar Flower Tutorial

Hey all!  I recently got an order that requires lots of gumpaste ranunculus so I took a moment to film how I made one of them.  All you need is a small styrofoam ball and an oval cutter.  I rolled out green and white gumpaste to the thinnest setting on my pasta roller so the petals can be delicate.  I cut out a bunch of ovals.  Some of them I cut in half to make the first few layers of petals and then the outside layers I used the entire oval as the petals.  It is a simple flower to make, doesn't require any wires and doesn't take that long either.  Try you hands at a few because these flowers look so sweet on top of a cake!

Video: How to Pipe a Buttercream Ranunculus

Today I posted a new buttercream piping video on YouTube.  This one shows how I pipe a buttercream ranunculus using a #104 tip.  It's quite easy and fun so give it a try!  Keep in the loop with future videos by subscribing to my YouTube channel or signing up for our mailing list on the home page!  

Buttercream Flower Class : Student Work!

I need to share with you some of the beautiful projects that the students in my buttercream flower Craftsy class are creating!  This pretty collection is by Kylie @flourishcakeco.  She nailed it!  Sign up for my Craftsy class here.  


Buttercream Flower Cake Class - Mini Masterclass

We are now offering a new buttercream flower mini masterclass!  Our comprehensive masterclass is 6 hours, but for those of you looking for a shorter version of that class, now you can sign up for a 3 hour mini session.  For more info on the class click here.


New Class: Just Flowers! Buttercream Flower Class

If you already know how to build/coat a cake and only want to learn how to pipe flowers, this class is perfect for you!  In this 3 hour class, we will cover how to pipe a long list of buttercream flowers.  If you are interested in learning how to coat a cake and arrange your flowers, you may want to consider taking my comprehensive masterclass or mini masterclass.  To sign up for the Just Flowers class visit my class page here.  

Just Flowers Class.jpg

Marble Buttercream and Blackberries

Our newest cake is made of grey marbled buttercream and topped with buttercream blackberries and pink flowers.  Don't let the blackberries trick you, they are indeed piped with buttercream!  

Buttercream Flower Tulip Bouquet

Left: real flowers, Right: buttercream flowers. I often reference real bouquets to inspire my flower cakes!  Would you rather receive a bouquet of real followers or a bouquet cake of edible flowers?  🌷🌷💐💐 vs 🍰🍰🍰 


Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe

Here is my swiss meringue buttercream recipe that is perfect for piping flowers. (If you want to learn how to pipe with it, take my new Craftsy class!)   It's rich, smooth, velvety and delicious.  It's very easy to make and keeps for a long time.  It's only 4 ingredients so give it a try and let me know if you have any questions!  (You can use liquid carton egg whites as long as the only ingredient is 100% egg whites)

Eat Cake Be Merry Swiss Meringue Buttercream Recipe:

8oz (243.9ml) Egg whites

16oz (453.6g) Sugar (white granulated)

16oz (453.6g) Butter (room temperature)

1t Vanilla extract (or any other flavoring)


1.  Combine egg whites and sugar in the bowl of your stand mixer.

2.  Heat egg whites and sugar mixture slowly over double boiler on medium heat, whisking constantly until all the sugar is melted. ~5 minutes.  Brush down the sides of the bowl with water and a pastry brush as you go to make sure all the sugar is melted and doesn't recrystallize.  To test for doneness, rub a little bit of the mixture between your fingers to make sure you cannot feel anymore sugar grains or use a candy thermometer 160^F (71.1^C). 

3.  Move bowl to mixer with whip attachment and whip on high until cool to the touch and voluminous.

4.  Switch to paddle attachment on medium speed and slowly add in room temp butter.  Mix for ~5 minutes.  If it separates or looks curdled after adding the butter in, keep mixing it for a few more minutes and it will come together. 

5.  Once incorporated, add in vanilla extract for flavoring.

This buttercream is sturdy, delicious and smooth.  You will love the taste and texture! You can use this to pipe buttercream flowers, fill you cake layers and coat the sides. It freezes really well too.  Enjoy!

Buttercream Flower Cake Class Online now!

Enroll in my new buttercream flower Craftsy class to learn techniques for making cakes like these!  With just a few flowers you can make so many pretty cakes!  😋 

Here's a 50% off link: 

Craftsy Buttercream Flower Cake Class!!!

I am thrilled to announce that my Craftsy class on Buttercream Flower Cakes is now live!  Buttercream flowers are the rage right now.  They are delicate, beautiful and tasty so make sure to sign up to learn how to create these beauties yourself!  Enroll now to learn how to pipe 7 different flowers and arrange them onto your cake.  Flowers include apple blossom, daisy, rose, english rose, carnation, hydrangea and chrysanthemum.  Enjoy!

Here is a link to get $20 off the class!



Buttercream Classes on Craftsy

You have to check out these two Craftsy buttercream classes by Erica O'Brien if you haven't already!  The techniques and designs are stunning.  Both are jam packed with such great content and Erica is a fun and spunky instructor.  These are seriously both amazing classes that you will learn a lot from.  Imagine piping a few flowers and pairing it with these cake designs, how beautiful would that be?!?  Below are the links for both classes or just click on the image!

Better Buttercream Stunning Techniques:

Better Buttercream:

Buttercream Flower Cake Class

Want to learn how to make gorgeous buttercream flower cakes?  Sign up for my buttercream masterclass to learn pretty much everything you need to know to make beautiful edible arrangements!  From piping flowers to arranging them, I cover all the tips and tricks.  More details about the class, as well as a handful of other projects, can be found on my class page,  See you all soon! 


Buttercream Flower Crescent

Here is a lovely little cake for you to enjoy today.  Buttercream roses and peonies in this crescent arrangement are such a beautiful combo.